04 April 2008

The most annoying voices in baseball?

Funny, the things you find yourself caring about.  Let me start off by saying that I'm a Giants fan.  I could care less about either the Cubs or the White Sox (aside from an intense dislike of A.J. Pierzinskclubhouskanzerski*).  However, I'm also a baseball addict, and the more games I get on TV (the Extra Innings package is not in the current financial cards), the happier I am, which makes me glad that my cable provider carries WGN.  An extra few games, even Cubs and White Sox games, a week means I get to watch more baseball, which means I'm a little less grumpy all the time.

* Many people don't realize that this is his full last name.  It's usually abbreviated so that it can fit on jerseys, box scores, hitman contracts from his pitching staff, and baseball cards.  No, I'm not still bitter about that trade at all, why do you ask?**

** Yes I definitely stole (did I say stole?  I meant borrowed) the Pozterisks idea from one of the finest bloggers on the interwebs, Joe Posnanski.

As I mentioned, I really don't care about either Chicago team, any more than I care about, say, the Florida Marlins, or the Minnesota Twins.  That being said, ever time I see a game listed on WGN I close my eyes, cross my fingers, tap my toes three times together, and wish to Aunty Em that it's a Cubs game.  Why?  Because from what I've seen, there is not a single more annoying set of commentators in all of sports than those in the employ of the White Sox ("put it on the boooooooaaaaaaaaard, YES!")***.  The Cubs' announcers are sometimes only marginally better, and from what I can tell the Yankees' guys are pretty bad too ("THEEEEEEEEEEE Yankees win!  THEEEEEEEEEEE Yankees win!").  For sheer homer-ness, for sheer annoying-ness, though, no one can match Ken Harrelson.  I don't know, maybe I've been spoiled by hearing Jon Miller call so many Giants games, but I don't think that's it entirely.  I mean, there are plenty of announcers around the league that aren't complete homers (you know, someone whose players can do no wrong, while even the best plays by the opponent barely get a comment).  Let's set aside the Giants announcers, Krukow and Kuiper (whom I think are very good), as I might be a little bit biased on them.  There are plenty of other announcers around that league that are good at providing well spoken, mostly-objective analysis (those employed by the A's, the Padre's, and as much as I hate to admit it, the Dodgers come to mind).  That's not even counting some of the legends that are still around (Vin Scully, Dave Niehaus, etc.).  

*** With, of course, the possible exception of Tim McCarver and whoever the Fox Propaganda Empire has paired him with.  Someone please inform Mr. McCarver that there are indeed teams located outside of NY/Boston/LA/St. Louis.  He seems unaware.

So, any White Sox fans out there?  Tell me what you think.  Do you LIKE having thses obnoxious homers calling your games?  Do you wish it were different?  I'm really curious.  I think that I would get really annoyed with them, but they aren't homers for my team, so it's hard for me to judge.

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