26 June 2008

Great news

Whew, I think I can breath again.  I know K has finally stopped holding her breath.  We found out today that her father's recently diagnosed prostate cancer (the source of our anxiety this week) has NOT spread outside of the prostate.  This is very important, as the survival rate when it's caught before the cancer spreads is in excess of 95%, while those diagnosed after it spreads into other parts of the body only have about a 1/3 chance of survival.  Hence the panic this week.  While all is by no means well (her dad still faces hormone therapy and surgery to remove his prostate in the coming months), things are not nearly as bad as they could have been.

Stress is a bitch.

Funny how stress and anxiety get to you.  I will be getting some very significant news today (it concerns several people who aren't me, so I don't feel comfortable sharing exactly what it is), either good or very bad.  I've been anticipating dreading this news all week, and it's been getting to me a little bit.  If you see the timestamp on this post, you'll realize that it is currently 2am local time, I've been awake for 18 hours or so, and I'm not asleep.  I'm tired, have been for the last 3 hours or so.  I simply haven't felt that I could sleep, and this isn't the first such night this week.  No matter the news, maybe I'll sleep better tomorrow night...

25 June 2008

Support the FPCMD!

I was going to post this on Seuss ex Machina as a comment, but I figured better to sully my space than John's.  Subtlety be damned...

Have you ever noticed that there are foundations to promote research for all sorts of diseases, from AIDS, to MS, to cancers innumerable, yet there isn't one to combat the most dangerous disease ever to afflict man*?  There exists a highly pervasive (estimates** set rates anywhere from 50-90% of humanity has contracted it), highly contagious, and highly damaging mental disorder that destroys a persons ability to think clearly, warps their ability to observe the world around them, and can create in them a complete disregard for the rights and wellbeing of others***.  It's called Religion and we must come together to find a cure!  To that end, I propose the creation and funding of the Foundation for the Prevention of Communicable Mass Delusion, or FPCMD.  Together, we can make the world a better place!

*Citation needed

**By estimates, I mean my personal guess.

***Seriously, how many people have been killed in the name of religious belief?  It's got to be in the billions by now, right?

I feel like maybe I exaggerated my beliefs came across a little harshly there.  Before you send off that mailbomb you just addressed to me, listen to Eric Schwartz, who said it best:  "I am not anti-christian, before you grab a rope.  There is beauty in religion, and joy and love and hope.  We're all looking for the answer, this colossal cosmic cause, but who the fuck are you to turn your views into my laws?"

Bulldogs win! (the good ones!)

I just watched Fresno St. beat Georgia for the baseball championship.  The Bulldogs (ok, that's misleading, they're both the Bulldogs) blew a 3-run 8th inning lead to lose game 1, and were down 5-0 in the 2nd inning in game 2.  From that point on, they outscored the Bulldogs* (the other ones) 25-6 to win games 2 (19-10) and 3 (6-1) and win the championship.  Hooray!  Never mind that this is the first men's championship of any kind, ever, for Fresno St., they also became the lowest ranked (#4 in their 4-team region** and ranked #89 in the nation before the tournament) team ever to win an NCAA championship in ANY sport.


**This means they were basically ranked in the bottom quarter of the bracket, somewhere between #49-64.  For example, some other #4 seeds in the bracket were James Madison, Eastern Michigan, Bethune-Cookman, Rider, Sam Houston St., and UC Davis***.

***I'd lay odds that baseball will be the first really successful D-1 team on a national scale for the Aggies.  No, I'm not saying they will win the tourny next year, but maybe make the CWS bracket in a couple years? 

Cake or Death!

It's been a very stressful week around here, for reasons that I don't think I'll get into just yet.  YouTube, that miracle of modern inanity, however, has provided me with some temporary cheer:  Lego Eddie Izzard!

17 June 2008

KG looks like he wants to eat someone's soul

Kevin Garnett just got called for a foul with about 7 minutes left in game 6, and looked at the referee with a smile that said "i will eat your soul!".  I think now that the title is just about in hand, he has finally snapped....

15 June 2008

Happy Father's Day!

Yeah, that's about it.  I had a great week in Northern California, and finished it off by going out to brunch with my dad before heading back south today.  So yeah, happy father's day, everyone!

10 June 2008

Pleasant surprises.

All through spring training, I kept hearing about how the Giants would lose 100 games this season, how they would be historically bad offensively, and how only Lincecum and Cain coul;d keep them from the all-time loss record.  And I have to admit, watching their performance this spring didn't seem to offer much evidence to the contrary.  Things looked bad, dear reader, very bad indeed.

Jump to June 10th.  The Giants just swept a four game series in Washington, and find themselves in the middle of the division standings, only 5 games behind the division leaders, and only 1.5 games behind second place LA.  Now, don't get me wrong.  The Giants won't win the division.  Not even close.  They may get a sniff at second place in the coming weeks, especially if LA keeps playing the way they have recently, but they probably won't even end up that high in the standings.  I will say this, though: I have a lot more hope for the future with this Giants squad than I did three months ago.  They are winning games, they're winning close games, they're getting great pitching (with Jonathan Sanchez being a surprise contributor in that department), and most importantly, they are doing it with their young players.  Fred Lewis is playing every day.  John Bowker has been getting most of the starts at first recently, and has looked like a real big-league hitter.  Burriss and Holm have contributed.  

I feel like the Giants, while still a few years away from really contending, are FINALLY handing the team over to the next generation of players.  Things are looking up.

Wow, I'm back

Wow, it's been a while since I posted anything here.  I began this blog idea while sitting around, mostly unemployed, waiting to get a substitute teaching assignments.  Then, within a matter of a few days, I found myself too busy to think.  In the last six weeks I've completed two education classes, one online programming class, and have put in about 75 hours of observation in a high school math classroom.  Oh, and I've moved.  Yeah, can't forget the big one.  Anyway, now that it's summer, I'm going to try this writing thing again.  I've had a little time to think about things, and you may notice that my posts will be a little different in tone than some of the earlier ones.  At least I hope they will be.  So, enjoy, and we'll see how this thing goes.