25 June 2008

Support the FPCMD!

I was going to post this on Seuss ex Machina as a comment, but I figured better to sully my space than John's.  Subtlety be damned...

Have you ever noticed that there are foundations to promote research for all sorts of diseases, from AIDS, to MS, to cancers innumerable, yet there isn't one to combat the most dangerous disease ever to afflict man*?  There exists a highly pervasive (estimates** set rates anywhere from 50-90% of humanity has contracted it), highly contagious, and highly damaging mental disorder that destroys a persons ability to think clearly, warps their ability to observe the world around them, and can create in them a complete disregard for the rights and wellbeing of others***.  It's called Religion and we must come together to find a cure!  To that end, I propose the creation and funding of the Foundation for the Prevention of Communicable Mass Delusion, or FPCMD.  Together, we can make the world a better place!

*Citation needed

**By estimates, I mean my personal guess.

***Seriously, how many people have been killed in the name of religious belief?  It's got to be in the billions by now, right?

I feel like maybe I exaggerated my beliefs came across a little harshly there.  Before you send off that mailbomb you just addressed to me, listen to Eric Schwartz, who said it best:  "I am not anti-christian, before you grab a rope.  There is beauty in religion, and joy and love and hope.  We're all looking for the answer, this colossal cosmic cause, but who the fuck are you to turn your views into my laws?"


Susanna said...

Hey Dennis!
I decided to read your blog today and pretty much just cracked up at this post. I'm not all against religion... but it's true that sometimes it really is just a device to get political agenda across (i.e. the Mormons for this upcoming vote about gay marriage). Gotta run around Buenos Aires now, but just wanted to drop a line.

Dennis said...

Hooray! Sus wins for first to comment on one of my posts! Also, I'm not anti-religion, altogether, at least not as much as (reading it again) this post makes me sound. I just get frustrated with how much power religion has over our daily lives. I don't see why religion, which should be a completely private thing, should be allowed to have ANY effect on me.