10 June 2008

Wow, I'm back

Wow, it's been a while since I posted anything here.  I began this blog idea while sitting around, mostly unemployed, waiting to get a substitute teaching assignments.  Then, within a matter of a few days, I found myself too busy to think.  In the last six weeks I've completed two education classes, one online programming class, and have put in about 75 hours of observation in a high school math classroom.  Oh, and I've moved.  Yeah, can't forget the big one.  Anyway, now that it's summer, I'm going to try this writing thing again.  I've had a little time to think about things, and you may notice that my posts will be a little different in tone than some of the earlier ones.  At least I hope they will be.  So, enjoy, and we'll see how this thing goes.

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