30 July 2008

Christmas in July (for someone else)

I know it's been awhile since I posted.  Sorry.  Somehow while sitting around my folks house on vacation, I didn't feel particularly motivated to post, even when bored out of my mind.  Anyway, on to business:

As has become usual for the last few years, I have no reason to care any great amount about the trading deadline.  Short of trading for a whole new lineup, top to bottom, there is simply no way for my team to improve enough to matter.  I'm left hoping that they DON'T make any big trades.  That said, I find myself glued to my computer, neurotically refreshing ESPN's Trade Deadline Blog, waiting to see which lefty-specialist is going to which midwest city.  I mean, Will Ohman?  Really?  Yet here I am, waiting to see what happens.  Does this say something nice about baseball, that it can keep someone like me hanging on every move?  Or does this say something about someone like me, that I have to know RIGHT AWAY when the Yankees and Tigers trade underachievers?  What do you think, internet?  

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