31 July 2008

A Nice Surprise, and a New Found Respect

The news from yesterday:

"Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) has made a quarter million dollar contribution to the No On Prop 8 campaign to defeat the ballot measure that would single out same-sex couples and exclude them from marriage.

In a news conference held Tuesday, PG&E Senior Vice President of Public Affairs Nancy McFadden also announced the corporation would become a founding member of the Equality for All Business Council in support of the No On Prop 8 campaign and called on other businesses to follow their lead in supporting fairness, freedom, and equality for all Californians."

I have to say, this took me totally by surprise. First of all, as a semi-public utility PG&E seems like about as non-political a corporation as can be (well, except maybe when it comes to energy policy.) I'm really impressed by this decision, though. It's nice to see a high-profile organization like this step forward and set an example for other companies, making a statement that it's not acceptable to sit by and allow the fundies to deny our fellow human beings equal rights. So cheers to you, PG&E; I hope you are the first of many!


John said...

Well, with the Mormon church publicly throwing it's weight on the other side, any effort to combat the proposition is helpful.

Dennis said...

And how ironic is that, btw? Don't you think that of all religious organizations, the mormon church (at least some of them) would be trying to DECREASE government restrictions on marriage? Tham and the Libertarians. I don't understand either group being for prop 8.