17 August 2008

Cody Ransom. Really?

It's always funny to me when a baseball player pops back into the spotlight after his career seemed to be over.  Usually these are guys who bounced up and down from the bigs for a season or two, had a few pinch-hit appearances, and then were released/traded/sent down, seemingly never to be seen again.  For some reason, some of these guys have been among my favorite Giants in the last decade.  They always seem to be a little closer to your average fan than to their superstar teemmates.  Guys like Damon "Tiny" Minor, Calvin Murray, Justin Knoedler, Edwards Guzman, and Tony Torcato.  The kind of players where you don't really realize they're gone for a few years, until you suddenly say "huh, whatever happened to Tony Tocato?"  Guys like Cody Ransom.

From 2001-2003 Cody Ransom got into 36 games with the Giants, usually as a middle infield defensive replacement.  He went 8-37 (.216) with 2 XBH and 1 RBI.  In 2004 he got into 78 games with the Giants, hit .250/.320/.382 and was gone after the season.  From 2005-2006 he didn't appear in a major league game.  He seemed to be the perfect example of this type of player.  So you can understand how surprised I was when leading off SportsCenter today was a shot of Ransom hitting a two-run homer out to left in Yankee Stadium.  I thought, "where the hell did he come from?  What's he doing in the bigs, I thought he was done years ago!  And what the hell are the Yankees doing with him?"  So here's to you, Cody Ransom, for reminding me of one of the small pleasures of being a baseball fan.

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