23 August 2008

A knife in the back

From a post over at Pharyngula, talking about the Interfaith Gathering planned for the DNC:
"Democrats have been, are and will continue to be people of faith - and this Convention will demonstrate that in an unprecedented way," said Leah D. Daughtry, CEO of the Democratic National Convention Committee.

I'm starting to have more sympathy for the socially-liberal fiscal-conservatives out there. It's a bad feeling when your party abandons you. Democrats are supposed to be the secular party. The progressive party. The party to fight AGAINST the religious right, not become the religious not-quite-so-right. Oof. This one hurts. The sad thing is, they know that I'm still going to vote for their candidate, because he's way better than this guy. I wish there were a viable party out there that would LEAVE RELIGION THE HELL OUT OF IT!


John said...

It's not the politicians who are at fault, it's the constituency that they are trying to court. The problem is, there are many Americans who would rather not think for themselves, who would not base their vote on issues like the economy, or healthcare or debt or our conscience as a nation regarding our actions in the international community. There are many Americans who vote based on the absurd idea of the character of the man who will represent them, and that means that he must share their faith. Just hope to your flying spaghetti monster that he doesn't share the idea of willful ignorance with some, or indeed, many.

We lost the last two elections because of that demographic, they voted with their church If we want to see change, the party has to play the game, at least until they get their man in the White House. Hopefully it will be one of his only two residences.

Dennis said...

"it's the constituency that they are trying to court."

I understand what your sayin', John, but that's exactly my point. My complaint is that they are trying to court the religious vote, and in doing so are abandoning me, the secular progressive. I hope you're right that it will only last until the election is over, and then Obama will go back to being the guy we hope he is, but I wish they wouldn't abandon the left in the process.

iamthebrillo said...

I'll probably post on this eventually, but since I'm neither right nor left, I can't have too much of a comment. The problem as I see it is atheists haven't solidified themselves as a legitimate "minority." Polls show as much as 10-15% of the population is atheist or agnostic. That's more than African-Americans, Hispanics, Asians, LGBT, and Jews. Can you imagine a former president saying he doesn't think African-Americans should be considered citizens (like Bush Sr. said about atheists)? As atheists, we need to develop a sense of pride and community. I've started wearing my RDF Atheist Pride lapel pin on my white coat in the hospital. Last generation, African-Americans fought for their rights. This generation, LGBT are fighting for theirs. I think atheists will come around next.

Dennis said...

"Last generation, African-Americans fought for their rights. This generation, LGBT are fighting for theirs. I think atheists will come around next."

Well put. I certainly hope you're right.

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