12 August 2008


Over at Pharyngula, a commentor named Mothra posted this great poem, in response to a story about a court tossing charges that the UC descriminated against some christian schools by not accepting their crazy fake-science classes for the a-g requirements. Enjoy:

A Christian and a Golden Bear,
A Lamp of learning shown the pair.
Said Bear to Christian, 'would you care,
explain to me why I'm a bear,
and live in California fair.'

The Christian smiled and made reply,
'what need of yours' to wonder why?
Your far parents in the Ark did lie,
in waters adrift under rainy sky.'
You were born a bear and a bear you'll die.'

This answer did the bear resent.
Devoid it was of true content.
'You have failed to address the why,
I am a bear, not fish nor fly
and why I live under Californian sky.

'The Ark aground on Arrarat,
Your parent's cubs they did begat.
and traveled way across the earth,
to California, land of your birth.'

'But lands are separated by sea,
To cross by water, too far for me.
Your explanation falls a wee,
bit short of known reality.'

The Lamp of knowledge chose to speak,
of Beringia and sundered peaks.
Of ice and time, progenitors,
The bear with a smile, let out a roar!

The Christian looked a bit bemused,
at length perplexed and more confused.
said a bear is but of animal kind,
only as different as he defined.

Dandelion, thought bear, with eyes aglow,
this Christianity's a show.
a sham, concocted as you go,
and what if I choose to define,
what kind of being that is mine?

The Golden bear became a lion,
A Christian soul still bliethley lying.
Then, one bear, golden, in light divine,
The lamp of knowledge on did shine.


iamthebrillo said...

Was this story making news in California? I hadn't heard anything about it out here in Wisconsin. It was a nice win for science and rationalism, it'd be nice if it got some publicity.

Dennis said...

Yeah, it was a little bit when the suit first started, and then again recently. It probably wasn't as major news as it should have been.