06 September 2008

An interesting assessment of Palin's impact

Zeno of Halfway There has a very interesting take on Sarah Palin's speech, and its impact on the presidential race:

Like the English professor that I am not, I would give her both grades: an A for the composition's technique and a D for its content. In the short term, the A aspect of her speech stirred up the troops, who are now enjoying their temporary high. As the weeks progress, however, the D aspect of the speech will alienate fence-sitters who might have been drawn by less specious content.

You really should click through and read the whole thing, as Zeno is one of the best out there. In this case, it's a hopeful assessment, and I'm cautiously optimistic that he's right. It's going to be a very interesting november...

Also at Halfway There, he points out the flaws in one person's statement about Palin: that she both supplements and complements McCain.

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Zeno said...

Thank you for your very kind words. They're much appreciated!