22 September 2008

Pleasant Surprises, revisited.

The Giants' season is lost.  Hell, this season was lost before last year was over.  They haven't been in contention all year.  That being said,  as I said back in June,  I've been about as happy as you can be with a team that wins 45% of it's games.  The Giants are 70-86 with 6 games to play, in 4th place (1 game behind 3rd place Colorado), and are finishing on a decent note, going 11-9 (.550 winning percentage) thus far in September, after a 15-14 (.517) August (which may not sound like much, but consider that the division leader in the NL West is playing at a .519 clip for the year, it shows that they've been competitive to end the season), and recently taking 2 out of 3 in LA to make the Dodgers sweat a little (although thanks to Arizona's collapse, it didn't matter all that much).  This minor resurgence has corresponded with management handing the keys to the young players.  Pablo Sandoval, for example, is hitting .346/.360/.508 which will look even better if he can learn to walk occasionally.  Emmanuel Burriss has a .357 OBP (.283/.357/.329 overall), good for a young top-of-the order guy.  Nate Schierholtz is hitting .302/.362/.434 since being called up post-Olympics.  I won't even mention Cy Lincecum.  Even if (as is likely), some of these guys never develop into bona fide major leaguers, there's some young talent on this team, and more coming up the pipeline (Conor Gillaspie, Angel Villalona, etc.).  

Are the Giants going to win the World Series next year?  No.  Will they make the playoffs?  Not likely, although given how weak the NL West is, it is possible.  But that's the nice thing about having a young team:  their window is just starting to crack open, and I have to say that given the roster they had to start the year, they are definitely ahead of schedule. 

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