07 October 2008

Beer Review -- Coronado Idiot IPA

I reviewed the other IPA by the Coronado Brewing Company a few weeks ago, so I'll dispense with the background on this one.

These two IPA's couldn't be much less alike. Where the Islander was clear and clean, the Idiot is cloudy, with a floral, earthy undertone. In this regard it's almost reminiscent of some of the fresh-hop ales out there (for instance, Deschutes Hop Trip), albeit to a lesser degree. A little darker, and a whole lot cloudier in appearance than the Islander, Idiot has more of a craft-brew feel to it. The final comparison is less bite, more depth, earthier taste, with a sweeter finish, and stands up better as it creeps up toward room temp. If you're only going to try one of their brews, try this one.

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