13 November 2008


Fire Joe Morgan, one of the funniest bits of the intertubes, is shutting down*:
After 21 years, and almost 40 million posts (we'll have to check those numbers, but it's something like that), we have decided to bring FJM to an end.

Although we have not lost our borderline-sociopathic joy for meticulously criticizing bad sports journalism, the realities of our professional and personal lives make FJM a time/work luxury we can no longer afford.
Apparently they're too busy writing TV shows for a living, or something. I expect a noticable slip in the quality of sports journalism in this country, now that coloumnists don't have the FJM guys left to fear anymore.

Gentlemen, for your wit and the entertainment you provided, I salute you!

*They say they're going to leave the site and the archives up. You should go read it. Now. Yes, all of it. Go. I'll wait.

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