22 September 2009

The wave of the future!

Who says you can't get quality beer in a can?  New Belgium has started selling Fat Tire in a can!  The money quote:
The Fat Tire that comes in cans will be "can-conditioned" with live yeast, so its flavor should not be affected, he said. Despite popular perceptions about canned beer, the company's taste tests show the canned version tastes the same as the bottled brew.
I can verify that.  In the cans I've tasted thus far, I can't tell any difference, although not being a regular drinker of Fat Tire (there are just so many great options out there, some of which rank above Fat Tire for me) don't take my opinion as gospel.  I've been hearing for a while now that micro-canning is the wave of the future, and we've been seeing that trend beginning in the last couple years in places like Maui Brewing Co.

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