08 May 2010

A campaign I can get behind!

Restore Joss Whedon!  (Warning:  contains Serenity spoilers)

Watching the wall recede...

So I finally finished it.  California (with a big assist from the federal government via NCLB - thanks Dubya!) has made the process of getting into the teaching profession a long and painful one.  The last major hurdle facing me as I try to finish my credential was an overbearing, overthought, overly long final assessment called the PACT.  It's been looming on my horizon for months (years, ev-en!).  Well, it's done (assuming, of course that I passed).  I turned in my PACT - that glorious, 96-page pile of shit - on Thursday, and am finally free.  My credential program is just about done, too.  One more class, an exit interview, an a certificate ceremony, and it's all over.  Will I use some of that extra free time to blog more?  Who knows.