17 July 2010

The D-Train in Fresno. Next stop, LOOGY-ville?

Chatting with a friend the other day after news broke that the Giants had signed Dontrelle Willis to a minor league contract, I speculated that they could be looking at him as a potential lefty reliever.  As El Lefty Malo pointed out, I was right.  Dontrelle will report to the bullpen in Fresno, and will likely try to rebuild his career as a LOOGY.  If he's successful (and his numbers against lefties are decent this year), he could be an insurance policy in case Dan Runzler's injury keeps him out longer than expected.  Willis is a Bay Area native, and at one point was one of the most entertaining and likeable pitchers in the league.  Here's to hoping he makes it back to the show, somehow.

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